Fondation Moulin Sur Mer
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During the month of July 2010, in an effort to promote social projects in the vicinity of Moulin Sur Mer (in particular the town of Montrouis), and to maintain the spirit initiated by Arch. Gerard Fombrun whose idea was to  collect and protect artifacts from Haiti's rich history via the construction of the Museum Ogier-Fombrun, the share holders of Moulin Sur Mer decided to invest their efforts in the creation of a Non-Profit organization which they called the "Foundation Moulin Sur Mer".

Main objectives of this foundation:

- Develop or assist in projects related to low-income housing, health, education and the general well being of the people in the area.

- Develop or assist in projects related to preserve and renovate the Cultural Heritage of the area.

- Develop or assist in projects related to the creation of jobs in order to improve living conditions for people of the area.

Please refer to the Inscription Certificate which was officially registered at the City Hall on November 15th 2010.

You may also download the official notarized registration documents which clearly describe the Foundation objectives.

If you wish to participate or contribute in any way to this foundation, we urge you to contact the principals at

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